Author: Senthil

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Understanding High Precision Components

Precision is one of the key phrases used in manufacturing parlance. It refers to high finesse and customization levels to achieve specific and controlled results.

Top UAE HR Trends 2022

From creating unique infrastructural marvels to being the world’s first country to appoint an AI (Artificial Intelligence) minister, UAE has been a trendsetter throughout history. There’s so much every nation can learn from the UAE.

5 Benefits of Using a Specialised Sourcing Company

Outsourcing, also termed Procurement-as-a-Service, has snowballed in recent years. Of course, it has its reasons and benefits to have proliferated as much.

UAE Employment: 7 Reasons to Work in the UAE

UAE is one of the fastest-growing countries across MENA. Despite its relatively small size, it has enormous gravity in terms of business opportunities and employment avenues for expatriates worldwide.

Busting Five Myths About Outsourcing Manufacturing

New-age manufacturing is complex, where pressing consumer demands, tight deadlines, and competition contribute to its intricacies. Outsourcing in manufacturing is a proven way to deal with these challenges, cut costs, reduce in-house efforts, broaden expertise and ensure quicker delivery.

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