Top UAE HR Trends 2022

From creating unique infrastructural marvels to being the world’s first country to appoint an AI (Artificial Intelligence) minister, UAE has been a trendsetter throughout history. There’s so much every nation can learn from the UAE.

While the country continues to progress across every aspect, one cannot ignore some ongoing HR trends in the country’s employment arena. UAE’s HR trends 2022 represent the country’s urge to become a better place to work.

With these trends, the UAE aims to simplify recruitment, onboard better talent, and enhance workplaces. For many countries and companies that aren’t already following these trends, these four UAE HR trends could prove inspiring.

4 UAE HR Trends 2022

Here’s how UAE is redefining HR to help the country continue its growth pace.

  1. Automation in Human Resource Management

Running manpower conventionally is comfortable, but adopting technology and making it competitive is necessary. Even today, and despite the proven abilities of HRM software, many companies are still a bit skeptical about automating HRM. But as time keeps ticking, technology’s importance will only keep increasing.

Most UAE companies have already adopted technology. So, if you look to operate in the country, you need to know the HRM system followed here. A significant number of companies in the UAE use hyper-scaled, ultra-secure, high-quality, and bankable HRM software. UAE’s SMEs also resonates with the country’s trend.

Deploying HRM automation software has many advantages, as many of you may already know it. It helps HR professionals simplify workload, enhance data storage and manage routine operations efficiently. Solid HR analytics can help companies make better and more informed decisions. The result is increased competence.

Thus, HR can invest thought and energy in acquiring better talent, increasing employee engagement, and focusing on enhancing employee performance.

  1. Work and Well-Being

Companies in the UAE follow a unique work culture. The latter involves collaborating work that aligns with employee well-being. Hence, companies design work formats where employee well-being needs have an important place.

UAE companies very well understand the significance of communication in employee engagement. Accordingly, they regularly conduct webinars, use employee engagement tools, keep their employees frequently updated, and conduct surveys to measure employee delight. Fetching regular employee feedback can foster further improvements and better the workplace.

  1. Introducing AI in Workforce

AI can revolutionize staffing solutions. It is already in many companies in the UAE that have integrated their staffing operations and other business functions with AI.

Artificial Intelligence continues to help HR heads enhance employee management and increase work process consistency. Additionally, AI has helped increase workforce productivity levels and deliver quality results.

As mentioned earlier, UAE is the world’s first country to appoint an Artificial Intelligence minister. That undoubtedly exemplifies the country’s vision to optimize AI’s potential and improve employee performance. The country’s AI policy currently focuses on specific areas, including renewable energy, health, environment, transportation, space, water, education, technology, etc.

But in addition to these departments, the country also has significantly invested in AI to promote proactive corporate objectives. Thus, if almost everyone in the UAE is already doing it, you cannot remain aloof. It is also because investing in AI prudently can automate hiring and get talent better aligned with your needs.

  1. Creating a Sense of Belonging

Employees deliver their best when they work with a sense of belonging. Does money drive it? It might, in some cases. But in most, it doesn’t necessarily.

An engaged employee working with a sense of belonging is the result of the company’s HR department’s efforts. It is a straightforward and give-and-take relationship. Accordingly, many UAE companies have introduced various HR-focused initiatives within their work culture to address and assess these concerns.

Companies in the UAE have started nurturing a work environment that allows the exchange of thoughts and ideas and flexible work culture. They are now increasingly encouraging employee and team collaborations.

Of course, there’s a lot to achieve in this regard, and there would always be some scope to improve. But if you plan to start a business in the UAE, HR wouldn’t merely be a function but a strategy demanding exclusive attention.

Conclusion – Going Beyond Technology!

Technology surely will continue to remain an integral part of human resource management. But UAE’s HR trends transcend technology. The country is focusing equally, perhaps a little more, on bettering workplaces and creating value for employees.

HR Technology will play a complementing and catalyzing role in the country’s growth. But these trends make people more important and put them in the driving seat of UAE’s progress! After all, HR is essentially about people, isn’t it?

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