UAE Employment: 7 Reasons to Work in the UAE

UAE is one of the fastest-growing countries across MENA. Despite its relatively small size, it has enormous gravity in terms of business opportunities and employment avenues for expatriates worldwide.

Currently, the country is home to nearly nine million (almost 90 percent of the country’s total population) expatriates engaged in various professions like construction, hospitality, oil, healthcare, technology, realty and all the service sector as well.

Thus, the UAE holds a lot of promise for people looking to work abroad. Many global corporations, local and regional companies have their corporate offices, manufacturing units, etc., in and around the UAE’s important cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, etc. While that’s the most prominent reason, here are six more reasons that make the UAE a potentially lucrative country for employment.

  1. Diverse Workforce – Cosmopolitan Work Environment

With people from over 200 nationalities working in the UAE, it is a truly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic work environment. This cosmopolitan work environment signifies an excellent opportunity for you to transcend geographies and broaden your network. Besides, companies from various parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, the UK, the US, Australia, Africa etc., offer great global exposure in the long run.

Working in the UAE is like working in a microcosm of a global market. You don’t limit yourself to working with members of a certain nationality or community. This diversity in the working environment and culture is one of UAE’s core strengths.

  1. Convenient Work Visa

UAE’s work visa is relatively straightforward to procure. The only condition to get a UAE work visa is to secure employment before you enter the country. Getting a visa in the UAE while already staying is not possible. The country’s rules require expatriates to leave the country and return with secure employment on hand to get UAE’s labor card or work permit.

  1. Excellent Infrastructure

With its visionary leadership, the UAE has grown exponentially on the infrastructure front. The last 15-20 years or so have been the highlight. World-class structures and excellent transport facilities (metros, bus transport, incredible roads, etc.) have made the UAE a prominent spot on the world’s infrastructure map. In particular, cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the pick among the country’s other Emirates.

  1. No Language Barrier

Unlike many other countries, the UAE is a place where language is never a barrier. Almost everyone in the country speaks English. It eliminates the efforts and the need to learn a new language, as is the case with most foreign countries where English isn’t as widely spoken.

  1. Substantial Savings Opportunities

People usually leave their homeland in search of better and high-paying career opportunities. The UAE serves this purpose well. It is one of the countries with tax-related privileges, and investment opportunities also are tax-free. Additionally, you can save from paying high-income taxes as well.

In its entirety, you save more money annually than you may while working in many other countries. Thus, you build more wealth while working in the UAE.

No wonder the UAE is an employment paradise for foreigners!

  1. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

UAE is a massive business playground with abundant employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Besides, it has the resources, infrastructure, and market for startups to start, survive and thrive.

So, when you feel you’ve gained experience and exposure, you may start your own business in the UAE. Of course, competition and challenges are inevitable. But considering the enormous opportunities, it is worth investing the time, money, and entrepreneurial effort.

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